Tynesha “Tyi” Flood is a Business-Management graduate from Kaplan University, but has dedicated most of her career to media, arts, and marketing as a project manager, actress, and broadcast personality. She recently began her journey as a mental health advocate in 2016; with a major focus on women, mothers, and children who lived with depression and anxiety disorders. 

Tynesha is the author of ‘Project Me: 30 Days to A Better You,’ which is an empowerment journal for self-care.  She’s a certified mental health first aid and the CEO/Founder of Awesome Women of Empowerment, Inc., which is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate, support, and empower those who suffer in silence. "It's time to take a stand and talk about these issue, rather than hiding or denying them.”  The A.W.E Group’s mission is to not only fight stigma within the community; but to provide better resources, create a safe haven of empowerment, and to open the dialogue around mental health in families.

In addition, Tynesha sits on the board of I Just Want 2 Help, Inc., which is a nonprofit organization geared towards teen parenting, child molestation advocacy, and feeding/providing hygiene products for the less fortunate.  She’s also a certified mental health first aider.  Her major efforts and goals are catered to finding ways to help the community, one voice at a time.