MOMMY'S SAD...and I don't know why

Little Tyler has noticed a change in his mother’s mood and appearance lately, and he doesn’t like it. Not only does she always appear sad, but she doesn’t have the energy or time to do the things that they once loved to do together. Tyler is worried. He knows that something is wrong with his mommy, but he’s not sure how or what to do. He’s hoping that he’s not the reason for his mommy’s sadness, and he knows that she loves him dearly. His mommy is his best friend, so making her happy is important to him. When Tyler’s mommy picks him up from school a few weeks later, he’s greeted with a warm surprise. Written by Tynesha Flood and illustrated by Cyrus Webb, MOMMY’S SAD...and I Don’t Know Why shares Tyler’s story and includes Coloring Sheets & Activities.

Project Me: 30 Days To A Better You

ProjectME is an empowerment movement for every woman seeking to reach her destiny and break the curses and influences that challenge her success.  This book provides insight on how to break down the barriers through implementation of 30 day processes and programs.  Guaranteed to touch the lives and hearts of many who is looking for their BREAKTHROUGH!                     


"Thank Tyi Flood for being open and allowing me to be open. This past month of June I took my challenge-PROJECT ME. In this 30 days I cried, I hurt, but I found myself. From this extra piece of her story, I found my peace. I released A LOT of doubt, fear, and guilt.
I'm stronger because I know Ms Flood and I (many) share the same story in life love and leverage. This book has inspired me to be who I am not who I thought I should be....
For July I'm sharing with my mentees...I vow to be the support and guide to others as Project Me is for me."

—  Amazon Reader